Our offices are:
Monday to Friday between 8:00 - 10:00 am approximately.

- All purchases made from Monday to Thursday are immediately scheduled for the other business day, purchases from Friday-Sunday are scheduled for dispatch on non-holiday Monday, if it is a holiday they are scheduled for Tuesday.

- The delivery time runs from the moment we deliver the package to the courier company, the working time depends on the type of service selected:

  • Express delivery Bogota: 1 day after sale (Monday to Thursday) if you choose this method from Friday to Sunday you will receive it on Monday
  • Bogota standard shipping : 3-4 business days after purchase.
  • Bogotá Savannah Shipping: 2-4 business days after purchase.
  • National Shipping : Main cities 3-4 business days after purchase - Secondary cities, towns or villages 3-5 business days.